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A Program of Prevention

, it facilitates healthy life choices and habits by encouraging a positive belief system that improves problem-solving skills to increase self esteem. I Believe I Can Fly! is a values-based system of “optimal thinking,” self motivation and discipline that overcomes the social challenges of our children. Getting at the root of problems, it prevents bullying, apathy, low self esteem and childhood obesity. It plants seeds of greatness into the implicit memory system of the wise mind and thus encourages a child to explore and develop his or her core genius and unique talents and gifts. By instilling the right message, at the right time, for RIGHT THINKING, the program gives all children equal opportunity for health, happiness and success. Next to a parent’s love, it may be thee best investment in a child’s future.

Edie’s mission is to change the way the world thinks…one child at a time.
She has combined 40 years of experience helping kids with her neuroscience background as a behavioral therapist and developed I Believe I Can Fly! which is an empowering character building program that transforms potential into unlimited possibilities for kids.

I Believe I Can Fly! The Child Development Complete Program the first of a series of programs designed to build character and increase self esteem in children and teens. This values-based system of thinking motivates, inspires and plants seeds of greatness to enlighten. It inspires hope by building a positive belief system that empowers and encourages healthy life choices for your child’s health, happiness and success. Best Value – Save $12.85



I Believe I Can Fly! The Child Development Book A Fun Adventure on Potential and Possibilities. The book is not just another story book for children, but a tantalizing tool for transformation. identify with the qualities and admirable traits of each of the five characters presented in the book, he or she will develop the same resilience, confidence, self-esteem, compassion and his unique gifts and potential. The book is interactive in that as the adventure unfolds, questions are asked to engage your child’s heart and mind so a positive belief system is integrated into healthy habits and behaviors.


I Believe I Can Fly! The Child Development CD is the magic and transformation! These positive, empowering daily guided imagery exercises encourage a child to identify with the healthy behavioral traits of each of the characters making their health, happiness and success a conscious choice. The uplifting Butterfly Fly song will have your kids singing about their potential greatness.n


I Believe I Can FLy! Blanket This polar fleece blanket features the cast of characters and serves as a behavioral trigger or start button for all the positive suggestions made in the book and CD. It essentially plants seeds of greatness in your child’s minds at the right time. It is all about providing the right message, at the right time, in the right way to ensure your child’s health, happiness and success.


I Believe I Can Fly! Guidelines For Parents and Teachers The Mnual provides guidelines for parents, grandparents, teachers, and early childhood development experts on how to implement this interactive, experiential learning program. It is loaded with ideas on how to facilitate a child’s emotional well being, mental astuteness, and spiritual enlightenment. It includes exercises and thought-provoking games and activities that engage children into learning problem-solving skills, identifying their strengths, and developing values that will give children the tools to create their own opportunities for successful living.