Stop Bullying Now! Take Action!

Transform Fear into Empowerment and Anger into Enlightenment.

To stop teenage bullying in schools, Edie gives parents, teachers, children and teens guidance and tools to meet the social challenges of today’s youth. Her keynotes, seminars, workshops and coaching programs provide intervention and prevention for schools, colleges, churches, community organizations and corporations. Edie provides problem solving skills for cyberbullying and LGBT issues as well as workplace violence, sexual harassment and other acts of aggression. Edie builds empathy, compassion, respect and dignity to make caring a conscious choice.


Changing Hearts and Minds from the “Insight” Out

Why Are Kids So Mean?

Setting bigger traps is NOT the answer. Sending kids to school with psychological armor may help, but armor gets heavy! It also shifts the responsibility of the problem onto the victim rather than the bully who instills shame and keeps the victim silent. Being “different’ is not a crime, but bullying is or often leads to criminal behavior. Since most bullies were first victims themselves, the cycle of despair and cruelty continues which is why Edie’s programs of intervention get to the “heart” of the problem to create a caring culture and safe space for all children to reach out.

Facts and Why We Must Act

Statistics indicate that everyday in the US approximately 160,000 students stay home from school due to bullying. Much harassment is directed toward gays and lesbians who are four times more likely to commit suicide. Being different is not a crime. Bullying is or leads to criminal behavior. Sixty percent of boys who were bullies by middle school had at least one criminal conviction by age 24. Bullies do serious damage to the live of others. Nasty notes and emails, shoving and punching, excluding and gossiping can mess up a kid’s future. Victims of bullying are more likely to skip school, smoke, drink alcohol, and drop out of school. They are 2x more likely to commit suicide. 1 of every 3 students in the US reports being frequently bullied.